masked_marvel_mediumFor the past is lost as starlings and the proud future’s begun”, (Fire On The Snow, Douglas Stewart) or in my case, I am pulling back from the web sites I’ve created in the past and concentrating on f095.

That means a mix of old and new; truth and fiction;  creative and practical.

For most of my time behind the camera  the results appeared on  the printed page … magazines mostly and a few books. Until  the solo exhibition, Out Here, at Platts Winery in Mudgee, none of my photographs had ever appeared on a wall,  even in my home.

It was a pivotable point. I switched from the printed pages to exhibition prints and on-line images. The invite to the show was  almost the last item I had printed on a press … everything since has been for the web or display prints.

out_here_3The exception to this was the series of portraits I photographed for Orana Arts a couple of years ago, which I should be able to run on this site sometime. Also there will be stuff I’ve posted before … old photographic processes, forgotten corners of the bike world … whatever I feel like, really.

In the near future f.095 will feature devoted to art, photography, classic motorcycles and memories in the form of poems and anecdotes. It will be a personal exploration of those subjects which I hope will be of benefit to other people. It will continue to be a work in progress.