Photo on 2014-11-16 at 11.53About nine years ago I had a heart attack, and stabilising me resulted in bleeding kidneys, collapsed lung, and pneumonia while the treatment left a stent and vague murmurs that next time I’d be in real trouble.

Then in 2013 I had a series (ten in all) of strokes over a four day period. That added two more stents to my body … this time in my brain.

I spent a year recovering and was then diagnosed with cancer. The oncologist commenting that “that if I planned a holiday I should take it now.”

Since then I’ve had about an hour of radiotherapy spread over 12 days and am on the fourth week of chemotherapy.

How do I feel?  On the surface not too bad  but … I tire easily; my weight has dropped from  77kg to about 64 and I am starting to look like a WWII Burma Rail survivor and I can barely lift my Nikon D200.

But what really gets me is that my creative output has been shot to hell. I have barely taken a photograph since I had the stroke. I haven’t made a print, nor have I really posted anything on this blog, while I have abandoned all my other web activity save the odd bit on Facebook.

However, I am about to attempt to change things a little. My extremely patient wife has been a Facebook friend with photographer William Yang for some time, and the other day she noticed the name John Swainston on William’s site.

John Swainston is a name straight out of my past, and thinking about John set me off thinking about other people in the trade. and  the photographers I used to know … and that started me wanting to works on this site again. So here goes …



  1. Glad to hear your getting back in the saddle Dad. If I was to quote some one close to my heart “Don’t let the bastards beat you”
    Sam xx

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