zeusNo fairies, but  Seamus O’Nome has been pottering around for many years and a couple of weeks ago he was joined by an altogether different sort of mythical character,  Zeus, father of the gods and man.

I found him languishing in a pile of junk waiting to be taken to the tip, which I thought an undignified end for such a mighty being so I rescued him, and he now sits, slightly battered, behind a Grass Tree in with the cactii and succulents.

So far there hasn’t been a display of lightning and thunder but he has proved to be a willing model for a number of photographs taken with my 500mm mirror lens. Comparisons may be odious, but the difference between a hand-held shot of Zeus and one on a tripod, is almost enough to make one swear off ever hand-holding again.

However, ten minutes of lugging my old Manfrotto tripod (bought for a 4 x 5 view camera) is enough to remind me of why I don’t use it very much. Perhaps one of the new jazzy looking graphite is the answer or a Gorilla Pod? Or both?

If I am to get consistent results with the 500mm Reflex-Nikkor C I am going to have to do something soon.


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