lunapark-600At one time I lived very close to Sydney’s Luna Park and over the years I photographed the entrance way hundreds of times with a  variety of different cameras from Leicas to Box Brownies. The photograph above is a straight out of the camera jpg (it has only been reduced in size for the web) from the  10-30mm zoom (at 10mm) at f3.5 aperture, 100ISO, 1/400th shutter speed and spot metering.   The face was in  shadow and I think the camera handled the exposure, flare and detail quite well.

The V1 has a few quirks, but generally it is easy to handle and it is very portable. I haven’t been out without it since I acquired it. My two larger Nikons are languishing in their bag and are likely to remain so until I need to shoot for a big print or a lens that I don’t have for the V1.


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