library_3My new Nikon Vi it has arrived. I can’t fault the Hong kong company I bought it from. It was posted the day after I ordered it – before Easter, admittedly – but FedX was not great, although there may be valid reasons for the snail-like pace.

It took three days to clear HK then to the Sydney depot where it cleared customs on March 31. Then it took until 8 April to travel the 300-odd Kilometres to Mudgee where it was delivered to an “Address other than recipient” which is about as opaque as you can get. In addition it was signed for by someone else. As it happened I recognised the name of  that person, and I was able to telephone around to find that he is the manager of the local Australia Post depot.

I finally had it in my hot little hands two days later. But wouldn’t you have thought that a simple “Delivered to local PO depot” would have been a lot more meaningful than “Address other than recipient”? Surely a multiple choice message is not beyond the bounds of possibility … it would be good PR, for one thing.

The V1 has lived up to my expectations so far. I haven’t mastered its foibles yet … I managed to shoot a whole series of videos when I thought I was shooting stills. However all was not lost, as I pulled the still at the top from an .MOV file for posting on Mudgee Arts blog.


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