Easter Saturday I dropped my Nikon D100, lens face down, on to the paved court of the local Catholic Church (retribution, perhaps?). The big flower petal lens hood hit the ground and shattered, but in the process absorbed most of the shock and the camera is functioning normally.

The reason for this was not my carelessness but the Nikon strap unravelling through the loop (doubled back as recommended) and letting go. At the time I was talking to a news photographer friend of mine who said, rather smugly I thought, that I should be using a Blackrapid strap like hers.

Upon examination it did seem to be very effective and, seemingly, almost foolproof apart from making her look vaguely like Calamity Jane prepared for a shoot out.

In the event I researched the company on the web ending up ordering both a over the shoulder strap that I could use on full size camera and a wrist strap for the smaller ones like the Yashica and soon to arrive, Nikon V1.

UPDATE Friday: Strap arrived today. Am very impressed  as it was delivered to my door – the first courier ever to tackle my drive way (visualise a 300 meter long bed of a creek and you’ve got it) – this morning only four days after ordering it from the US manufacturer. Great service.

Appears very well made, but it rather complicated to set up.There are several ways it can be worn. The cross body method seems the safest, but it positions the camera oddly on my hip, so I am going to use it single shoulder hanging straight down, just like every other strap I’ve ever used … I can’t bear anything around my neck.


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