cactus-court_smallSome time ago I bought a new in box Yashica Profile 4000iX camera off ebay for $3.00, mainly because I liked its minimalist, but curvy looks, and I am a fan of its big brother, the half-frame Samurai.

I didn’t really intend it to be a serious user camera, but I do like to use the equipment I buy. So I put a roll of Fujicolor through the camera, had it processed at the local Big W in-store lab (which was an experience in itself) and scanned to disk.

Cost for the roll was a reasonable $7, but the results were iffy, to say the least. A combination of me not reading the instructions properly (there are three auto-focus, settings for example), possibly short-dated film, and less than perfect processing meant that  hardly a frame is printable. In short, very Holgaesque.

dead_tree_smallWhich merely shows that it is not necessary to spend quite a lot of money on a plastic wonder, a reasonably precision obsolete camera, and a fortuitous or disastrous set of circumstances, depending upon your point of view, can achieve the same result.


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