Nikon v1

With my wife’s tacit approval I have taken the plunge and bought a Nikon V1 camera. I know about the negative stuff floating all around the web, but I also noted  s lot of satisfied buyers. I also read some interesting articles on using the V1 as an ultra-compact “assignment” kit.

The factors that tipped me over the edge is the growing list of lenses and the very competitive prices on kits available at the moment. I’ve bought and sold quite a lot of stuff on the web but never a new camera, but I decided to try it out this time.

So I put down (for me) a considerable sum of money to buy a V1 with an f2.8 10mm and f3.5 10 – 30mm lenses. This last has a 35mm equivalent range of 27 to 81 range and that covers most of my work. If all goes well, I will buy the f1.8 18.5 (35mm equivalent) and perhaps the f1.2 32mm after it is released, if the price  is reasonable.

I wanted the V1 for three reasons – its portability, its video capability and its ability to utilise F mount lenses via an adapter. I know there are lots of alternatives, but they either do not have an eye-level viewfinder or they cost far too much for me to justify.

Most of my photographs these days are for use on the web.  And a lot of them are taken at art show openings and the like and a large camera like my Nikon DSLR are not only obtrusive they are positive nuisances. Okay, it is not quite pocketable, but the EVF more than offsets the small increase in size.

nikf_nikv1_adapt_1As I don’t know how it will pan out I am not going to rush into a FT1 adapter at $270, but I will try a manual adapter (no AE no AF) which are available from $14 to $35 on eBay, as it will extend my focal length options.

I rather like the idea of the light gathering capacity of an f1.4 135mm, or a f2.5 280mm or a f4 540mm (DOF is not the only consideration, even though it gets an excessive amount of attention from the web pundits).

Sensor size doesn’t bother me (I’ve owned an 8 x 11mm Minox B for many years) and 10.1 MP is fine for what I want the camera for and, in fact, the individual pixel size is in the same ball park as some of its competitors.

If the Hong Kong supplier is as quick as it is reported to be, I should have the V1 about the end of next week and then, one way or another, I’ll know whether I made the right decision.


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