I am sorry for the muddled condition of the previous version of this post. For some weird reason neither of the pictures and some of the copy was not uploaded yesterday,

There is a rock that I have been wanting to photograph for some time. It is in a stranger’s paddock so I can’t get any closer than the fence (without trespassing) so to get what I want, I need a long lens.

The only long lens I have ever owned is a 200mm F4 Nikon AI manual focus, and even with the 1.5x factor of my D200, it is not long enough. It seems impractical to buy a 500mm, or longer, for one photograph and even more impractical to hire one given where I live.

Today, rummaging around in my box of odds and ends, I came across an unused 2x Vivitar (the old company) Televerter that my daughter acquired when she used a Nikon instead of an iPhone. Naturally, I started wondering what sort of a result I’d get with the D200 + 200mm lens + 2X tele-verter + large tripod.

delerium_wideThe weather conditions were dark, overcast and showery with very low contrast with a light, gusty wind. My subject was a wine bottle perched on a fence post 50 metres from the camera (I measured it) and the camera settings were f8 (f16 with TX) ISO set at 800 to get a decent shutter speed (1/320th). I made a number of exposures to try to compensate for the wind.


This is a 100% crop of  the best. The name of the wine – Delerium (I don’t know either) – is clearly readable and the grape type – sauvignon blanc – just so. Not too shabby for the combination of a 47 year old lens that is not optimised for digital, an obsolete camera, a glass 2X televerter and less than optimum weather conditions.

I am encouraged enough to have another go at the rock when the weather is sunny with no wind. I’ll post the result afterwards. It won’t be any time soon as it is pouring rain and blowing hard at the moment.


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