kawasaki_rangeI am astonished. My effort to sell a few motorcycle magazines on eBay to finance a new PC computer has become a major pre-occupation. So far I have bought a new computer, a NAS server and a new set of tyres for my Subaru. The reason? There is a whole sub-culture of collectors of motorcycling magazines and brochures that I didn’t know existed.

The past month or so, has led me down some strange paths. I’ve sold a single sheet of A4 paper for the World’s highest price (so I am told) for a Japanese motorcycle brochure. My brains have been picked for a forthcoming book on bikies; I’ve been emailed by enthusiasts around the world wanting to know if I have this brochure or that; I am corresponding with some serious collectors and a few rat-bags. I’ve posted brochures, and magazines, to Estonia, the US, UK, the Channel Islands, Germany, France, New Zealand, and Switzerland as well as Australia.

My wife loves it, as for the first time since we’ve been married I’ve found a sort of a hobby that is self-liquidating, instead of costing money the way photography does. Although I must confess to eyeing off a couple of items on eBay …


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