3_magsOver the years I have accumulated an extra-ordinary amount of stuff. File copies of magazines I’ve edited and produced;  reference material on photography and motorcycling; cameras and accessories; lantern slides; old microscopes and who knows what else.

So with the prospect of needing to move at least one more time looking increasingly likely, I’ve started rationalising my “collections.” And as I need a new PC what better way to help finance it than selling some of the stuff on eBay Australia. I have bought quite a lot of things on eBay, but sold very little so this is something of a new experience for me. Trying to establish a price for items is a nightmare.

One of the magazine I was involved with in its first year was the motorcycle magazine Two Wheels and subsequently the Bike Book. Checking on eBay brought just one Buy-It-Now of the first issue at $95 plus postage and for the first edition of The Bike Book $199. Wow! I was going to be rolling in money.

Then I thought no one pays that sort of money for  a magazine cobbled together by a bunch of blokes whose motorcycling knowledge amounted to the fact that we could count to two.

In the event I have, so far, put up four magazines on eBay. Issues number one and two of Two Wheels with a first bid of $25, and $20 respectively; $10 on a first issue of Australian Motorcycle Rider and $5 on a real rarity – a copy of Lumiere, a heavyweight Australian film magazine from the Seventies.

velocetteThere are lots more where they came from, so it will be interesting to see if I get any nibbles. I am also thinking of offering some prints of bikes (like this Velocette Thruxton) I made for an exhibition of the Classic British Motorcycle, a book published for the British National Motorcycle Museum.


One response to “DOWNSIZING BLUES

  1. If you are selling good quality prints of the Velocette (8 by 10 preferred) I’d be glad to buy one at a reasonable price.

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