A couple of months ago I signed on to Twitter because a client wanted me to show him how to tweet. I didn’t know so signed up to find out. The whole process was so simple that I was able to talk him through it over the phone (Landline … so nineteenth century) then I promptly forgot about it until yesterday.

As it was too hot to do anything but sit in the breeze and fiddle with the computer, I followed links at random. One on Twitter I read with interest was yllawright@OpenHouseeditor. She has 1200 followers … I was amazed that there are so many people interested in food and booze,  so l pottered through the list looking at the sort of people who follow just one of many food Twitterists.

Eventually my dalliance with the Weird World of Twitter, brought me to http://digital-photography-school.com/why-photographers-should-love-twitter where James Brandon argued sort of persuasively that all photographers should hang out on Twitter. So as a toe-in-the-water exercise I linked this blog to my until now dormant Twitter account. Now I guess I’ll have to start following James’ advice.


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