After a considerable being a rational human being and not buying anything unnecesary my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, specifying that it must be “something frivolous.” The result is that a Zeiss Tenax 1 is winging its way towards me from Germany.

I am an not a rabid eBayer having made just 21 transactions (buying and selling) since 2004. So far, I have not had a bad experience so I decided to take a chance on buying another very old camera from it.

For those whose knowledge of old and arcane cameras is less than 100%, the Tenax is a 24mm x 24mm square format 50 exposures on 35mm film model, from just before to a little after World War 11.

But it is not the camera I wanted to talk about. It’s the eBay supplier I bought it from. Zeissmaniac, despite the name, is not a Zeiss only supplier. The eBay store has items for sale from other, mainly, German manufacturers. I don’t know how competitive the prices are … according to a bit of rough research I paid towards the top end of the pricing.

But if the camera is anywhere near as good as the photographs of it, I’ll be more than happy. The owner of Zeissmaniac has photographed each item offered for carefully and with precision and passion. No out of focus images, camera movement,  ruined exposure or bad lighting on this site.

There were 13 images of the camera on the site all of them at least as good as the one at the top of the page, showing it from every possible angle. so that even the slightest blemish was glaringly obvious. The camera might still turn out to be a lemon, but as much as possible the person responsible for Zeissmaniac has given everything possible for me to make an informed choice. I am very impressed.


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