I have to confess to being a photographic catalogue junkie. There is something about sitting down with a print photo catalogue crammed full of goodies and plenty of time to peruse it. They’re still available if you’re prepared to send for one, but most of those that remain are in PDF form.

At one time I printed them out (when I had a 60pp laser), but now I just look online. The viewing method may have changed but the essence of the mail order catalogue remains. have a beauty. Forty four pages crammed full of stuff. Much of it available nowhere else. Okay, catalogues can be over taken by events and this one is no exception … the collapse of the Efke film business is an example. But on the whole, this is a mine of information on what is available and for how much. While there is a good listing of injet papers, most of the material relates to traditional analogue photography.

It is an American catalogue and as such not a great guide to the availability of all of the stuff everywhere, but it is a great overview of the whole market … and FreeStyle is a mail order company.

A British company Fotospeed also have a 32 page catalogue that is mostly digital but there is a fair analogue section. There are others but I’ve found that most of the stuff you are every likely to need can be found in these two.


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