At about 4.30pm  Monday evening I ordered a couple of items on-line from Office Works. My payment was confirmed by about 9 and the equipment delivered by 9 the next morning. In my view that’s service with a capital S, especially as it was free delivery.

That’s a plug from a satisfied customer. One of the items was a Fuji Xerox CP105b laser printer. It is my third Xerox, but unlike the first two which cost over $5,000 each, this latest was just A$129. Which both a reflection on how the price of technology has fallen, and the reduced state of my bank balance.

I have a 24″ inkjet and a couple of desktops models but as I wanted to contact proof a very large number of images I thought that the running cost of the baby laser would be more affordable … as well as not running out of ink as often.

Reading the various reports on low end colour lasers I wasn’t expecting much, but the results are much better than I really need. So far I have only put a few pages through but the machine has behaved faultlessly. Installation to a MAC was simple and quick.

The printer is slow, it is true, but its more than fast enough for my needs as producing contact sheets is time consuming in any case … most of it on the computer.

Of course, if I’d proofed as I went along, this whole exercise wouldn’t be necessary. Isn’t hindsight wonderful?


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