Alpa 12 fps released at Photokina

There are thousands of people on the net who declare that the Leica is the best camera on the market now, and that there ever has been. Apart from the obvious other contenders my vote goes to one of the smallest makers in the business.

From a now old-fashioned basic design, it continues to innovate year after year creating a camera capable of matching anything on the market in terms of quality of its cameras, and the quality that those cameras produce. Those who really know cameras will know what I am talking about.

The Alpa is in a class of its own. Like God, the company goes its own way. And its own way for Photokina 2012 is the Alpa 12 fps, a camera shutter module that with native lens mounts for Nikon F, Canon EF, Hasselblad V series, Zeiss (Nikon and Canon mounts), Mamiya 645, Schneider PC-TS, Rodenstock, with Leica R and Olympus via an EF adapter. Other mounts are under development.

There’s a choice of over 20 digital backs that can be fitted to the 12fps as well as a choice of viewfinders including an iPod 5. To really gild the lily the shutter module can also be used with other Alpa models. It won’t be cheap. The TC which is the company’s base model costs AUD 4,113 for the body component, viewfinder and handgrip. No back or lens. As the 12fps includes the shutter module and will accept legacy lenses from a great number of companies it could be a competitive option for certain photographers.

If you want to read a about a real camera, not some toy with a red dot go to



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