I have written about the Nikon D200 at length on my website (, partly because I think it an excellent camera in itself and one of the real bargains second had. OK, it is only 10MP and the usable ISOs are on the low side, but that in no way detracts from its picture taking capability.

The picture above, taken at an art show opening, is an extreme crop of the whole image, but by the time I got close enough to take the image as a full frame, the viewer had moved away. Years ago I attended a workshop given by a travel photographer and his advice was “take a wide angle, walk closer and shoot again, then if you can get close enough shoot a close up. That way you get a shot.” That was the principle I applied for this.

The image represents about a third of the total frame and is, I think, perfectly adequate for the web and will almost certainly make a good A4 print if I ever wanted to print it. I don’t need anything more up to date for most of the stuff I do … a Nikon D800 would be overkill.


One response to “NIKON D200 THOUGHTS

  1. I agree. I still use a D200 for all my portrait and wedding work. On a recent trip to France, I took (what I think, anyway, are) really atmospheric holiday snaps – some taken in a gloomy wine warehouse/cellar. I managed, using available light and making the camera work within its reasonable speed/aperture/ISO limits.

    The fact that ISO +3200/6400 is available on newer models means, obviously, that the technology is increasingly advanced and that lower light situations are made easier. That doesn’t mean that the old D200 is inferior. In fact, it will resolve at ISO100 which, say, the D300S is not capable of. To some photographers, low ISO is just as important as high ISO.

    Also, I’m well used to the crop factor and I think the D200 sensor must be adequate because I’m still selling pictures. I’m not into the physics beyond understanding what we all need to know – to use the light, the lens, and shutter speed.

    Keep using your D200, it’s fantastic.

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