One of the first posts I put on this blog discussed  new developments that were (possibly) coming from makers like Canon and Red. I was particularly enthused by the prospect of a fixed zoom lens $3,750 Red Scarlet and interested in where Canon was going.

In the event, Red’s  specifications and market emphasis changed dramatically as did Canon’s. While Canon remains true to its stills/video at the lower end of the market both have released versions pitched at the pro level video maker. Both are priced accordingly.

Into the breach steps a new camera maker Black Magic, with a $US2,995 2.5K 12 bit RAW with a claimed 13.5 stops dynamic range video model.  It’s been described as the “Box Brownie” of video cameras and that is not far off the mark. It is simple with minimal controls, but that doesn’t mean that it is not high tech.

There’s the first Thunderbolt connection fitted to any camera; a touch screen interface; built-in SSD recorder; HD-SDI output; refrigerated 16.64 x 14.04mm sensor (slightly smaller than m4/3rds and larger than Super 16); and is compatible with Canon EF or Zeiss ZE mount lenses with full electronic control of iris and focus with the EF.

The package includes a full version of DaVinci Resolve 9 ($995 as a separate purchase) for post production color correction and Ultrascope which provides accurate waveform monitoring ($695 as a separate purchase).

All of which seems incredible value and the big issue is whether BlackMagic can meet market demand.


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