It is hard to remember the last time the introduction of a new camera caused as much fuss as that of the Fuji x100. It is not as if there aren’t any competitors. Leica, Sigma, Olympus and Panasonic all make cameras that are roughly  in the same ball park, but I guess none of them offer what it seems a lot of people want.

For myself it would be a modernised version of the Nikon S2 (or even a Nikon F) with a built in meter, analogue controls, a minimum of menus and more or less the same dimensions. I don’t mind the idea of a fixed lens for the camera and it could be either a 35mm or 50mm 35mm equivalent with a large maximum aperture. Interchangeable lens capability would be a bonus, but not if it meant a bigger camera nor should it be fitted with a slow fixed zoom. We have enough of those already.

The actual design of viewfinder (so long as it has one, not just rely on those nasty things stuck on the back) is not so important. I happen to like rangefinders, but I also like through the lens capability so the type of viewfinder wouldn’t be a deal breaker, even if it is a hybrid.

This last requirement lets out models like the Leica X1, the Sigma and the Olympus Pen models. The Panasonic G series is a possibility, although I’d like it to be more compact. The Sony NEX 3 and 5 models are interesting, but the lack of a proper viefiwnder cruelled it for me.

The Fuji x100 ticks all of the boxes for me. What seems to be decent quality, allied with small size in a package that also looks good, at what I think is a competitive price (at least in the US … what it will be in Australia worries me a little) deserves a long hard look by any photographer (as opposed to equipment freaks) looking for a “take always” camera.


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