I am a regular visitor and a very irregular contributor to a rangefinder oriented forum. For the past several months the forum has been awash with news of the Fuji x100 and the subject of countless “I’m gonna buy one as soon as it comes out” statements.

Now that the camera is available the tone of the posts has changed dramatically, and all because someone has posted some images on the web which show an odd ghost around streetlights and car headlights. I accept that it is odd, but I’d don’t find it all that offensive but for the posters the end of the world is nigh!

I have a simple question — how many people actually take that many pictures at night that an odd flare would be a deciding factor in whether or not to buy a camera?  I take shots at night and sometimes there are odd flares and ghosts, but I’ve never considered them a factor in any way. Much less a deciding factor in whether or not to buy a  camera or a lens.

It is probably just that forums bring all of the nut cases out of the woodwork. I’m still a potential purchaser of the Fuji, because I mostly shoot in situations where the odd odd flare is totally irrelevant.


One response to “FUJI X100 BAGGED

  1. I wish I was crazy enough to demand perfection for £999.

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