One has to admire Alpa. For those who don’t know  Alpa is a Swiss camera company that makes superb, expensive, cameras that usually owe little to the modern world. That’s not to say that Alpas aren’t capable cameras. They are, but you have to accept them on their terms. Direct vision viewfinders or a ground glass,  digital backs and a choice of 12o roll film backs made for a camera designed for careful work … that said, I’ve seen some great photojournalistic work done with the SWA version.

Now in  real think-out-side-thesquare developmentAlpa have adapted an iPod/iPhone APP that allows photographers to use their iPod or iPhone as a viewfinder. The concept is brilliant,  being a reworking of an alr2ady existing APP for  other cameras including Canon DSLRS, and Mamiya called Viewfinder Pro (there is also a basic version). If I had an iPhone, I’d look at it closely.

Check it out here:


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