I have wrttten about the Wapping Project before. I haven’t been to London in twenty years so I have never actually seen the gallery, but that doesn’t stop me being fascinated by the fact that it puts on some of the most interesting and unusual current shows, which it describes as  “lens-based media”.

Take the current one as an example. Yoshji’s Women is a photographic exhibition featuring the photographs of a number of photographers whose work helped launch Yoshji Yamamoto’s designs in Europe, running in tandem with a retrospective of his fashions at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. It runs from March 12 to May 14 2011.

Curiously the Gallery sent me three images in each of which the model has her mouth open in a not very attractive fashion. The photographer, the stylist or the clients idea? Not all that attractive.

Co-incident with Yoshji’s Women (but running until July 14) is an installation Yoshji Making Waves that features a giant wedding dress, a flooded boiler house, waves, reflections and a boat to reach the unique couture piece in the cavernous space. I told you the Wapping Project was interesting.

Should you be in London over the next few months I suggest that you take a trip to the Southbank for it.


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