Information on the f0.95 50mm Noktor lens has been posted on Noktor’s web site complete with images and a video. The initial lens mount is micro-4/3rds but the site is running a poll to see what other mounts people might like. This seems a practical idea but the choice of mounts is, I think, quite revealing.

The options are Canon EF, Nikon F, 4/3rds, or cinema PL. Indicating that the company sees the lens as both a low light still and movie lens, which is in line with its rumoured genesis from a company that makes CCTV lenses.

So far the results are Canon 43%; Nikon 37%; 4/3rds 17% and PL 1%, which very curiously, totals 98%. I wonder what the other 2% voted for?

Predictably. there have been comments on the softness of the lens wise open. It doesn’t bother me, but  do people really expect Leica quality for $US750? I’d like to have one for those occasions when getting the shot is more important than the sharpness.

The web site hints that there are more high-speed lenses to come and I, for one, an intrigued by what Noktor will come up with.


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