There is a rumor going the rounds at the moment that there will be an f0.95 50mm Noktor lens with a Micro-4/3rds mount. It seems a trifle unlikely but if it were true it is a lens I could use. Not because of its DOF (eech), but because of its lens speed.

Unlike some commentators I don’t care if the lens would have the same DOF as an f2 100mm. The only reason for high-speed lenses is exactly that – high speed. DOF is, in my view, unimportant. Anyone using an f0.95 of f2 100mm lens wide open (there’s no other real reason for owning such a lens) knows that the depth of field is going to be shallow, and either doesn’t care because it allows the user to get a shot that would be impossible any other way, or the DOF is factored into the creative aspects of the image.

I have never used a Leica Noctilux (nor am ever likely to given the price) but I have used the original Canon f0.95 50mm rangefinder lens. Wide open it was soft – very soft at the edges, but for getting an image on film in near-impossible lighting conditions it was unmatched at the time. What it was like stopped down I have no idea. I never tried it. Just as I probably would never try it if the Noktor ever came to the market.

If you want to read the rumor go to


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