Recently I wrote that I had a modest collection of  “about 40 cameras” but last evening my wife was watching a program on TV that didn’t excite me, so I decided to “catalogue” my collection.

I have just finished. Sixty-one cameras! And although I’ve always thought of myself as a Nikon person,  I own seven Canons against five Nikons. Horror!

There are also six Box cameras including an 1899 Number 2 Kodak Bulls Eye Special. This is probably my oldest camera, although I do have an unnamed full plate view camera that may be earlier.

There is one digital model, four still video cameras, and the rest are film. Formats run from the full plate down to 8mm x 11mm Minox, but 35mm models dominate. Most of the cameras are operable and are used from time to time, but at least two will never take another shot, both suffering the same fate … being dropped over a cliff!

As camera collections go it is quite modest, but there are a few representative models missing that I’d quite like to acquire.


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