One of my Google Photo Alerts came up with a story about a maker of digital photo frames combining with the Life magazine archive to bring images from the Life files to the home. Having the magic word in the heading was enough to get me reading, but my first thought was “ho, hum. Another digital picture frame,” but as I got further into the piece (in the Boston Globe) I realised that someone had really been thinking about how to extend the usefulness of a digital frame.

Isabella Products have made the digital picture frame more than a passive electronic version of the frame. Vizit is an active two-way device than can download images, and then pass them to a third-party via a mobile phone or the web.

The Life part of the deal is really the icing on the cake allowing buyers if the frame who subscribe to the on-line image sharing service to access some of the images in the Life library and build up an electronic collection of this photographs.

The real purpose of Vizit is to exchange images between family and friends … a sort of private version of Flikr. According to the Boston Globe “the suggested retail price for the Vizit frame is $279. Frame owners would then have the option of signing up for either a basic $5.99-a-month plan or a $79.99 annual premium plan that would enable them to share photos in real-time and manage their photo collections.”

What other people will make of this I don’t know but I can see several uses for the technology that hasn’t much to do with sharing pictures of the grandkids.


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