Years ago when anyone asked me which camera to buy for a trip to Britain, Italy, France et al, I always recommended the Olympus Trip. It was relatively inexpensive to buy, had quite accurate metering, had a good f2.8 40mm lens, was simple to use and was a light and easy to carry. Best of all it did not have a single battery as the meter is of the Selenium cell type.

A Trip with a wrist strap attached, seemed to me to be almost the ideal traveller’s camera. Not the ideal photographer’s camera, but traveller’s camera. The right camera for the person who wanted happy snaps of their high days and holidays. I recommended it to a lot of people.

At least one of them, bought in the early Seventies by a young girl on her first trip away from home, is still being used by a now mature woman who is still travelling.

I have one sitting in front of me now, It was dropped over a cliff so that the lens is attached to the body by a thread, the shutter is shattered but unbelievably the meter still responds. The Trip is tough. So it was with some delight that I came across a reference (in a proper printed magazine) to a source of refurbished Olympus Trips.

A Google search turned up a couple of sources. One, Trip Man, sells Trips, while the other Streetshooters, refurbishes them to a high standard as well as supplying spare parts.

The example pictured is on sale at Trip Man for about $A87 (plus P&P) and the red is just one of the bewildering array of colours on offer.  OK, Trips are at least 25  and the earlier ones around 40 years old, but it a very good price for one of the toughest point and shoot cameras ever made.


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