This is probably going to be a re-occurring theme of mine but the people who contribute to on-line forums continue to interest me. Fascinate is too strong a word, but interest is about right.

The latest thing to have the Nikomaniacs in a tizz (I have used Nikon since the Sixties, but I am prepared to admit that there are other makes) is a rumoured D900. No one really knows whether there is such a thing but it has variously a 24MP or an 18MP sensor that may be made by Sony, or it might not. It might be an “old” design, or it might not.

Is it really an issue? If it is coming, it will come and if it isn’t it won’t. Nikon will set the specs irrespective of the suggestions of the forum gear addicts. For me the most interesting part of the forums, and the reason I power scan one or two, is what photographers are doing with the equipment … not who has what or who wants what.  In any case what ever comes won’t satisfy everyone, and there is bound to be at least one correspondent who is going to switch to Canon or Sony or Leica. God knows why, as this sort of correspondent doesn’t seem to use the gear.


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