Until it disappeared from our local news agency at the beginning of 2009 Focus is one, of only two, photographic magazines I bought regularly.  I could have subscribed, of course, but I am not by nature a subscriber …  I prefer the pleasure of leafing through a whole selection of titles and choosing one that suits the mood I am in at the time.

Focus is not a magazine for equipment junkies. In the two issues sitting on my desk at the moment there is not a single photograph of or advertisement for a camera or other piece of hardware, nor a single article on nuts and bolts technique.

Focus is simply about the aesthetics of photography. It is aimed at people who appreciate and or collect fine photography. Most of the advertisements are for photography galleries or fine art printers. To address a discerning market the magazine is impeccable. The design, production and printing is top class, as is the content.

One of the two copies I mentioned has interviews or features on Alfred Stieglitz, Bruce Davidson, and Claudia Kunin . The other  Arnold Newman, George Tice, Paul Caponigro, Michael Kenna and Ruth Bernhard. Then there are the advertisements and short biographies of some of the world’s most talented photographers. Is it any wonder I was hooked on it?


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