The World Wide Web has always had the potential to be a truly international medium, but most of us prefer to play in our own backyards. is an arts web site with a true global focus.

I have no idea why the site’s newsletter suddenly appeared in my email in-box at the end of August 2009, but since then I have received (as I didn’t opt out) missives every few days detailing arts events and artist’s opportunities from around the world, as well as features on particular artists from Europe to South America and most points in between.

Initially, I power scanned the emails, and did not visit the main web site until fairly recently.

The opening page disappointed. Visually it is a mess, but does it have content!  There are links to all sorts of arts related information … some of them in the form of advertisements for particular galleries, others editorial features on artists, works of art, galleries, competitions and grants from all over.

Just pushing buttons and being taken to galleries in other countries and seeing what people are doing is a revelation. It is a bit humbling, but also tremendously exciting.
I’ve never considered a hot air balloon to be a work of art. Beautiful and fascinating in its own way, but not a medium for painting, yet at the Tina B. the Prague Contemporary Arts Festival, Greek artist Jenny Marketou has used a commercial tourist balloon as a canvas. It’s something I’d like to see drifting over Bondi Beach during Sculpture By The Sea time.

If Prague is too mainstream, how about an exhibition from Birmingham, Alabama? Roam Objects is showing the work of John Westmark who paints in a realistic style in acrylics sewing dress making patterns into the work. The idea is disconcerting, but it works. You can see his work along with the works of lots of other artists from the deep South and beyond. It’s a marvellous experience and it is really what the web is all about. also contains information about coming events like the Pulse Miami and Pulse New York. The Miami event is coming up on December 3 and will be held in the city’s Ice Palace, it is art fair that attracts over 100 gallery exhibitors from all over the United States and Europe, giving visitors a chance to see the work of an astonishing range of artists. As well as a program of large sculptures and installations.

However is also about individual artists, and nearly 1,500 are represented on the site. Complete with short biographies and examples of their work. All of them accessible via an internal search facility. It’s a database that should keep visitors happy for hours.

Being able to keep abreast of developments in art is essential to every artist and there are few better ways than visiting from time to time.

This article first appearned on vervacious Art.


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